Go Marrry Yor-Selff!!!

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Ghess waht!!? Yiu ownly nead Yore Selff to be Marrried!

O, Boy, i has propoazed Marridge to my selff!!!!!! “and” I amb wating foar “the” Anser!!! Whill “it Be” Yes oar No??

I has bin “living” whith My Selff foar “a” wile nhow so I thinck wee “are” complattable!! Izznt this jist grate!?!? It is The Niew Thing!!! It “is caulled” Soulogummy witch meens yiu Stick “to yore” Sole Mait affter yiu marrry yore Selff!

This heer it “solvs” That hole promble of whoo yiu goiingto Marrry!! Whoo-evver thunk it Up thay dezurve a Noble Pryze!!!!!!!!

I has bin tawking To me abuot shood we has A Big Flashy Weddding whith “a” grate bigg Caique and lotts Of Ghessts oar jist a little one whith noboddy. My fhather and momm thay keep Teling evvry-boddy That I dyed a cupple yeers ago!. “The” lasst time i nocked “on Thare” dore thay sicked the Dog on me! so i ghess thay woont be “comming” “to” the Weddding!!

Beter yett, i whil Get Extry Collidge Creddit foar dooing This!!!! This heer “is” waht It meens tobe a Intrallectural!!!!!! Ordrinary dum peeple thay jist Doughnt “gett It”!!”

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  1. I suppose it’s better to marry yourself than to fight a duel with yourself, but still….. 🤣🤣🤣

    And is it true that Joe actually had a real father and a real mother???

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