‘How Stupid Can It Get?’ (2015)

Trivia: Why Was The Triceratops Sick In 'Jurassic Park'?

Start a riot–these Haters killed a dinosaur!

Forty thousand ninnies thronged Facebook, back when, to protest what they thought was the shooting of a Triceratops. The fact that there are no more Triceratopses, no living human has ever seen one, did not register. All the ninnies were college-educated.

How Stupid Can It Get?

The protest attracted one of the grand poobahs of Serious Mainstream Litterature, Joyce Carol Oates, famous for writing short stories that melt into incoherence at the end. She was very upset that Stephen Spielberg allowed a dinosaur to be shot–there are so few of them left!

Wish we could say the same for colleges and universities.

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  1. I like the hybrid word you invented in the original post: “jidroolitude.” A nice hoity-toity suffix on a dialect-slang word. Nice.

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