‘Boo-Hoo! Prom Won’t Have Two “Queens”‘ (2018)

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What a normal prom king and queen look like

Does anyone still believe that there are Red state schools in Red states? Pure ignorance.

Here’s Red state Texas getting the full Blue state monte–a demand for “two queens” at a high school prom.

Boo-hoo! Prom Won’t Have Two ‘Queens’

“We just want to be allowed out of the closet” –apparently that now means “Unconditional surrender, or else!” Probably we should have listened to those who advised us “Don’t even give an inch.”

We could run public education outrage stories all day, every day–there are that many of them. But to each and every one one of them, the solution is the same.

Pull your children out of public school. Before the teachers’ union eats them.

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