Can AI Save Kamala?

When the polls look bad for SloJo, you can expect them to look even worse for Cacklin’ Kamala, his V.P. She spews inanities. She laughs when she’s the only one in the funeral parlor who thinks it’s funny. In her capacity as vice president, she has displayed a skill set that would embarrass a marionette.

So… the Democrats’ stable of experts now face the challenge of transforming her into a candidate who can get votes instead of incredulous open-mouthed stares.

The problem is easier than it looks, says our confidential source. “It’s been staring us in the face ever since that movie came out in 1975–The Stepford Wives,” says he. “You want an ideal wife? Fine! You get rid of the one you’ve got and the animatronics boys fix you up with an exact duplicate who won’t have any of the original’s faults or shortcomings. The kind of robots we could only imagine building, back then, are well within the scope of today’s technology! And I know that because Artificial Intelligence!”

In response to our questions, the source grinned slyly and said, “How do you know I’m not an AI-directed robot myself?” Good point. Besides which, we have devised a simple rule of thumb:

“If it still cackles, it’s still Kamala.”

2 comments on “Can AI Save Kamala?

  1. Hilarious comments, enough so to make one cackle. I see where The Beatles (Paul McCartney) is coming out with their last album. It was done using AI programing. Paul had some old studio cassette tapes of John Lennon’s voice but the music was garbled. AI cleans it up and duplicates John’s voice, and voila, a new album.

    1. I would rather they didn’t use robots to write novels. Although some readers think that’s already happening.

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