‘They’re Playing With Fire’ (2018)

Young child playing matches hi-res stock photography and ...

The child playing with matches doesn’t know any better. That doesn’t apply to politicians, movie stars, and collidge professors.

Remember the years of Perpetual Tantrum, 2016-2020? Back then it was okay, it was laudable, it was practically mandatory to believe a presidential election wasn’t on the square. And that, of course, gave Democrats license to do anything they pleased to anyone who wasn’t them.

They’re Playing with Fire

It’s a shameful thing for a Christian country to fall as far as we have fallen; and there are those that have fallen farther.

Clean up your act, world. You don’t know when it’ll be too late to do it.

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  1. The world hates us because it hated Jesus. We testify to the righteousness of God’s law which the world hates with a passion. How can you be your own god if God is God?

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