Book Review: ‘Is Atheism Dead?’

If you believe what you see on PBS or read in Time, you might easily form the impression that scientists are in a united front against “religion” in general and Christianity in particular.

Not so, writes Eric Metaxas. And he has the evidence to prove it.

Metaxas interviewed many credentialed scientists who are not atheists. They pointed to gaping holes in the atheist argument, and didn’t mind being quoted by name. They cited any number of reasons why a godless, materialistic universe simply can’t be. Their opinion is based on their observations of nature, and their discoveries.

Prominent, face-time=grabbing atheists–Richard Dawkins springs to mind–get their fair share of pies in the face. Don’t ask me to paraphrase the scientific arguments: I know my limitations. The book itself is well worth reading; and you’ll find some surprises in it.


4 comments on “Book Review: ‘Is Atheism Dead?’

  1. I have a copy, but I have yet to read it. I have a great deal of respect for Metaxis, and he seems to have a talent for finding knowledgeable and interesting sources. From what I’ve been able to discover, the world of science is far from being strictly atheistic.

    The Discovery Institute promotes Intelligent Design, which restricts the discussion to strictly the scientific, and doesn’t tackle the theological issues. They don’t deny a personal God, but confine the discussion to scientific terms. I’ve heard members of the Discovery Institute speak, and it’s obvious that they are godly people, but the purpose of the institute is strictly to prove that our Universe, and the life within it, had to have come from an Intelligent Source.

    I’m sure Metaxis used some of these fellows as sources.

  2. Just a study of gravity and how the whole universe is held in place by it, and how if gravity were altered and any way at all everything would come undone. The unsaved are blind and live in darkness so cannot see God being displayed in creation. The Theory of Evolution requires millions upon millions of miracles.

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