The Inflexible Left

You’d think rigidity would be a weakness–failure to respond effectively to changing circumstances, sticking with a strategy that has so far yielded only defeat. A general who does that loses battles: can even lose the war. To keep on doing things that don’t work is taken as a sign of deep foolishness.

But consider this.

The Bud Light beer campaign–“You can be a tranny, too! Just drink our beer!”–featuring a transgender “influencer,” has lost $20 billion so far. It has been a disaster.

And yet this week Bud Light received a “Creative Marketer of the Year” Award–even though the unnamed marketer whose bright idea this was has been “put on leave” (translation: fired).

Had some other company managed to lose $30 billion, would they have received the award instead?

Supposedly the award was decided upon before the calamitous results came in; but don’t hold your breath waiting for Bud Light to give back the award.

Somehow Far Left Crazy gets away with follies that would destroy anyone else who practiced them. They never back off, they never change course, they double down on every losing bet–and they’re still here! Is failure, to them, just another form of success?

I suspect that so much money and so much labor has been poured into folly that its perpetrators can’t back down. Inertia–and sheer wooden-headedness–continues to propel them toward disaster: too much momentum to overcome.

Maybe that’s a good thing! Maybe Woke will someday go right off the edge of the cliff, never to be heard from again.

We can always hope and pray… and keep up the boycotts.

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  1. I believe it’s in the book of Isaiah where it cautions not to be found among those saying what is good is bad, and what is bad is good. I wonder if that applies to giving an award to someone for losing 20 Bil’.

  2. May our next President cancel Pride month and make it for a week (preferrable for a day if it has to be) and make the week of June 24th Pro-Life week because that is when Roe v. Wade was overturned. Last year, Arkansas had zero abortions take place in our state – do you think that pleased God.

  3. Addiction is a good thing, if it’s to something virtuous. “I beseech you, brethren, ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints. That ye submit yourselves unto such, and to every one that helpeth with us, and laboureth.” I Corinthians 16:15-16.

    Evil is an addiction, comparable to drug addiction. Addicts know their addiction is destroying their body, mind, their family, business or job, and yet, many continue on and on, powerless to stop.

    Addiction to evil has taken over upper management and administration in many corporations. Its entrenched itself deeply within the minds of CEOs and the main players across most aspects of government and the corporate world. Bud Light’s management, Target, Disney, and many others, for the most part are addicted to evil, thus, even though they have lost a huge amount of market share, continue to double down and refuse to change. The only thing that can put a halt to this kind of thing is push back from those who purchase or buy their products.

    We can destroy evil by doing good. We can destroy “Woke” Hollywood by Christian movie producers and actors making good films people will want to view, instead of the feces and garbage most films produced within the last few years. Profits are a great motivator for change, and will greatly reduce or curtail the making of evil movies. Swift punishment and action against criminals, will decrease crime.

    I outline in my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation” a bit about Christian businessman John Wanamaker, a devoutly religious man whose exemplary Christian ideals forever changed how business is conducted in America and around the world. Business practices that we still benefit from, even today. Wanamaker effectively reformed the world’s business practices, not by demanding change or arguing for stifling government edicts, but by following the principles outlined in the Scriptures to establish the kingdom of God in the life of every Christian. He certainly demonstrated how the Kingdom of God should operate in the life of every Christian.

    These are a few ways to deal with the evil that is all around us.

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