The Wore ‘On’ Probity!

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Lassed “nite” we hased a big Bankwit heer “At” Collidge, it Was “to” raze munny To Fite Probity!!!!! Evry boddy thay hadded To Go and we was chardged four It tooo!!! Yiu haved to Pay %$65 sickty-Fyve dolors to git In but The munny it wood be “Uzed” to git Ridd “of” eckstream Probity!!!!! Awl “of The” munny it whil Be cent to Pressadint Jobydin’s Campain!!!! And ennyway iff yiu dint Sho Up the Rabid Responts Teem thay wood “Cumb for” yiu!!! Yiu wood be a Hater and yood Be sari!!!!!!!!!

Evry boddy thay knows Pressadint Jobydin he lunched The Wore On Probity to get ridd “of It” oncet “and” foar Awl!!!! So the moar munny We cend himb,, the moar he Can doo!! His sun Hunder he is In chardge “of” keeping “The” munny saif!!!! Well, yood Nevver ghess witch massage parler he hidd it in!!!! Yood never has “the” tyme to czech awl the mastage parlers he vizzits!!!

Heer at Collidge we Are awl eggsighted to Wype Out Probity!!!! We llook fourwird “To” “the” Day thare whil Be NO! Probity at awl!!!!!!!!!!

I reely kneed that %65 sickty-fyve dolors back, thoh!!!

4 comments on “The Wore ‘On’ Probity!

  1. It took me a minute or two to figure out that Joe was referring to “poverty,” but he happens to have used the right word after all. The other Joe (he of the White House) has indeed made a highly successful war on probity. And he’s been doing it for so long that he obviously wore out his faculties in the process.

  2. Like Phoebe, I thought Joe Collige was talking about probity (it fits). Joe Biden has been known as a liar his whole political life, yet as President when he says he has no business dealings with his son Hunter the MSM believes him and defends him. Our country is so sick at this time.

    1. You know they’ve got him dead to rights, shaking down foreign countries for bribes. I’m guessing there will be no consequences.

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