‘He Leadeth Me’

No hymn requests this morning, but never mind–I have a beautiful hymn for you: He Leadeth Me, sung by Rosemary Siemens. It’s an old Sunday school favorite.

Meanwhile, the hymn shop’s open, folks…

5 comments on “‘He Leadeth Me’

  1. Wonderfully done. Her diction and pronunciation of each word is superb. Many singers have a beautiful voice, but slur the words or chop them off, making it hard to understand the lyrics.

  2. Very pretty! Just what I needed to hear before I leave for the park where we are having a prayer & worship to pray for America and the world, and to celebrate the passing of Dobbs.

    1. When you think about the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, to me it’s strange, totally unexpected, even extraordinary. Considering the moral compass back in 1973 when Roe v Wade was passed, was still for the most part pointing in the right direction each day, more often than not. And now with the start of each new day, the compass may be pointing in another direction. And within the last two years you know its begun to spin, when many have a problem answering the question, “What is a woman?”

      Maybe the prayers of the few righteous folks left, were enough to turn the tide on that ruling. And it may also show, God has not yet abandoned the US. That also shows, by these two rulings, just how quickly events can change direction, to the right course, or to destruction. James 5:16 tells us. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Let us all strive to be that righteous Christian whose prayers avail much.

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