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‘He Leadeth Me’

Sorry if I repeat myself in the selection of hymns, but I do like to go with whatever hymn might be playing in my head. Last night it was He Leadeth Me. This a capella version is by Elliot Bowman.

Bonus Hymn, ‘He Leadeth Me’

This hymn has been calling to me all morning, and to my mind, that means I ought to post it. Consider it a sanity break–He Leadeth Me (1862), sung by the Mennonite Hour Men’s Quartet.

‘He Leadeth Me’

Christians have been singing this hymn since 1862: He Leadeth Me, sung here by the Mennonite Hour Men’s Quartet.

Those pictures of paths through the woods–once upon a time there were places like that around here, where I live. No more! We have not been good stewards of the beauty God entrusted to us.

‘He Leadeth Me’

I couldn’t resist the beautiful places chosen as backgrounds for this hymn–an old Sunday school favorite, He Leadeth Me, sung by the Mennonite Life Men’s Quartet.

If you’re new here, know ye that we like to start every blogging day with a hymn, and we’re happy to take requests. If you have a favorite hymn you’d like to share, just leave a comment anywhere on the blog and we’ll do the rest.

‘He Leadeth Me’

We start today’s blogging with a Sunday school favorite–He Leadeth Me, sung by the Mennonite Hour Men’s Quartet. Gorgeous background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

‘He Leadeth Me’

This was the first hymn that popped into my head this morning: He Leadeth Me, here performed by the London Fox Singers. Background sets by God the Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

The word of God is better than Mapquest any day of the week.

‘He Leadeth Me’ (Choir)

I know I’ve posted this hymn before, but today it was the hymn that kept me company as I made the bed, so here it is–He Leadeth Me, sung by the Sanctuary Choir at the First United Methodist Church, Houston. This does bring back fond memories of Sunday school.

‘He Leadeth Me’

I wish I knew who was singing this–He Leadeth Me (1862)–so I could give them credit. I also wish I could follow some of those woodland lanes depicted as settings for the hymn, and go where they might lead. We used to have places like that around here, long ago. Or maybe I just dreamed them.

‘He Leadeth Me’ (Fountainview Academy)

Here’s another Sunday school favorite, He Leadeth Me, performed by the kids from Fountainview Academy, British Columbia. during their visit to Hawaii.

There are a lot of you who are new to this blog, and I want to invite you to ask for your favorite hymns to be posted here. We like to start each day with a hymn. So if you have one you’d like to share, just let us know.

‘He Leadeth Me’ (The Martins)

This is the hymn that was on my mind last night, He Leadeth Me, another old Sunday school favorite. The Martins perform it with no musical instrument but their voices–very nice, very nice. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

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