No-Nooze Sunday

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Never mind the nooze. God gives us flowers.

All this garbage in the nooze will still be here tomorrow, with more garbage heaped on top of it. I don’t want to write about that stuff today. Do you want to read about it?

I know, I know–somehow I’ve lost 50% of my viewership. If I write about what everybody else is writing about, will I get those readers back?

The villains will still be on the stage tomorrow, we can boo them then. We can even throw stuff at them. Pushback is way, way, way overdue!

But God says we need a day of rest. Let this be a day of rest.

2 comments on “No-Nooze Sunday

  1. How about calling it “Good News Sunday” and just preach the Gospel (Good News). I do like the fact you are not covering the secular news of the day on the Lord’s Day.

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