‘A Prayer for Our Country’ (2020)

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We need to keep praying for our country. What–did you think the wicked would take time off from trying to devour us?

A Prayer for Our Country

You know they’re looking for another “pandemic” or some other “emergency” to lay on us in time for the 2024 presidential election, so they can go back to mail-in voting and all their other tricks.

Will they get away with it again? You know they never stop.

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  1. They already have the Trump Show Trial going, plus the Ukraine Kabuki Theater — and speaking of the latter, how’d you like the latest installment about the Wagner Coup that mysteriously decided not to coup after all for two completely contradictory reasons? Violet Crepuscular couldn’t have written a better episode than that. Monkeypox hasn’t worked out, so now we hear intermittently about some new strain of the already-“novel” coronavirus, but that one is getting big yawns also. The Biden puppetmasters do seem to have begun a steady campaign of declaring half of Americans to be domestic terrorists, so I suppose they may stage some other false flag operation in order to declare martial law, but who knows? All we can do is pray and stand fast for the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The battle for integrity is a victory in itself.

  2. There was a celebration of life yesterday at the Lincoln Memorial in honor of the Dobbs decision moving the legalization of abortion to the several states. Last year in Arkansas there were no abortions -zero! Other states are following in our footsteps. Abortions in America is in a steep decline, praise the Lord!

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