Rooster in Your Lap

Ai-ya! I just had chicken thighs for supper and now I feel guilty! I mean, really–the bird comes when he’s called, and he hops up onto your lap… and you’re gonna eat him? Uh-uh, no way, kimosabe. I probably shouldn’t even watch these cozy chicken videos.

5 comments on “Rooster in Your Lap

  1. A friend of my daughter’s moved to a rural area awhile back, and started raising chickens. He got really attached to them. With one rooster, he got a leash for it and would take it with him to town. It would perch on his shoulder as he walked around. Tourists would stop him to take pictures.

    He no longer lives there and no longer keeps chickens, but he couldn’t eat chicken for years after that!

  2. God gave us animal flesh for nutrition, in Genesis 9, but I take no pleasure in the thought of animals being butchered. When all is restored, we will have lots of animals, as our friends. They are a precious gift.

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