No, You Don’t Have to Say It!

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“You wait till my Big Brother’s here–he’ll make you say it!”

Has the Supreme Court socked it to the Far Left this week, or what? They bombed affirmative action and race-based college admissions; then they voided SloJo’s “student loan forgiveness” package that he, because he is not Congress, had absolutely no authority to make–

And yesterday they smacked down the compelled speech crowd, ruling that a web designer did not have to, and cannot be forced to, design websites for same-sex fake weddings ( You probably already knew this, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

Compelled speech is a Democrat heart-throb. If they can force you to say things that violate your religion, or that you simply believe to be untrue–well, there’s no limit, then, to what they may demand of you.

This issue has been kicking around for some years, with the Supreme Court looking for a way to dodge it. But it has finally been settled: The state cannot, as a condition of being allowed to continue to make a living, compel anyone to speak or write in violation of his conscience. 

Leftids think that makes America a bad country.

Well, they’re howling at the moon now, and chewing the rug. Now you know how we felt for all those years, as the Court gave you everything you asked for, that you couldn’t get with an election or a vote in Congress. Thought you’d be stickin’ it to the rest of us forever, didn’t you?

Yesterday the Court rescued free speech from Democrats who would abolish it.

5 comments on “No, You Don’t Have to Say It!

  1. Things are just getting worse and worse, doom is just around the corner…yada yada yada…No, we are not in the Biblical end times nor last days. The Biblical last days Jesus spoke about ended over 1,900 years ago.

    Of course, this little bit of light from the court doesn’t mean all is now going to be well with the world. The repercussions from the lock-downs, the injections, and other insane mandates have caused a great deal of harm that will not heal for a long long time. Millions have died from the injections, and millions more will live with the disabilities caused by the gene altering bio weapon. Many sheep still do not see it, and many willing still receive the clot shots, for them and their children, and still put on the muzzles. The Darkness crowd (“woke”) is still pressing onward with their evil. Many corporations have totally gone Dark and will not repent, and their march to evil must be stopped.

    Preaching the gospel to the lost can change the world, the hearts of enough people, that peace for the most part will be the normal part of everyday living. The historic Christian Church believed in victory, here on earth. Perhaps the “end times” folks need to reread the Scriptures. I wrote all about that in my book brother Lee reviewed.

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