‘More On a Moron’ (2016)

John Kerry On Achieving Biden's Climate Goals : NPR

God help us–this was almost our president…

The world’s self-anointed elites–personified by the loathsome John Kerry–revel in the thought of people in prosperous Western nations being knocked down to Third World status. Oh, how they would love to deprive us of electricity!

More on a Moron

Some of our readers, back in 2016, thought the globalists were plotting to do just that and Kerry only spilled the beans.

I say the point is they’d do it if they could. Because they hate us and despise us.

Oh–and they want to be gods.

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  1. The globalists arrogance and hubris are incalculable in its depth of wanting to control the whole human race – and that is why the Bill Gates of the world want to thin the herd so we will be easier to manipulate.

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