My Newswithviews Column, July 6 (‘So What’s With the Movies?’)

New Indiana Jones 5 Image Reveals Best Look At Harrison Ford's Return

Is he starting to look like Freddy Krueger?

I have to hustle because this computer has been non-functional all day, up to now.

So let’s go to the movies–not.

So What’s With the Movies?

I love movies, but I don’t love bad movies. Why are there so many of them?

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  1. They may lose money at the box office, but they might lose even more if they violate the ESG metrics collected by the government and the Great Resetters.

    1. The box office take isn’t the only source of funding. There are grants and subsidies, laundered cash through other ventures, and probably a lot of things that we haven’t even heard of. Notice that these film companies haven’t declared bankruptcy, nor have any of their top executives taken any financial hits. Also, there are negative hits to be avoided — lawsuits, fines for violations of innumerable regulations that no one can keep track of, outright debanking, and so on.

  2. I went to the movies to see “Sound of Freedom” yesterday and it is really good – hard-hitting, and hard to watch how children are being treated in this evil age in which we live. It beat out the Indiana Jones movie which was in twice as many theaters to be the #1 movie!!

  3. There’s something that the makers of these movies don’t know, and probably will never know; we don’t have to go to see movies. We don’t have to watch television and we don’t have to listen to the radio. I don’t do any of the three. I may, and emphasize, may, listen to broadcast radio 30 minutes, in a year. Zero broadcast TV, and I haven’t been to a movie theater in 15 years, and yet, I live.

    Apparently, so do many others. I’ve heard viewer statistics for television network programs, and they are laughable. Of course there’s nothing good on; the advertising revenue must be pathetic. It’s an unsustainable model. That’s the good news.

    1. A couple ideas to save movies:
      Stop with the freakin’ comic books and superheroes already!
      Stop with the political sermons.
      Stop showing how much you hate your audience.
      Stop making really stupid movies.

  4. The worldview behind the folks that make the movies, I think is the reason. An evil mind doesn’t produce good fruit. How can it, with no moral base, guidelines, underpinnings, or foundation to work with? Thus, they have probably lost the ability to comprehend what is going on. Therefore, they can only build upon lose, crumbled stone, and rubble. This in turn produces stupid movie plots, scenarios, and themes, that leave the viewer with an awful taste in their mouths.

    Don’t forget, they are promoting this evil, encouraging the viewers to, go and do likewise. It’s propaganda, and for the most part, it almost makes no difference how much they lose. Only when the shareholders cry out loud enough, will the brakes begin to be applied. I think we may be close to that point, maybe, could be… pray to the Lord that enough of God’s people will pray and put activities and efforts into their prayers.

    We have seen some good Supreme Court decisions within the last few weeks. However, the culture has become so corrupt, I am still not sure this is a trend that will continue, and may be just the last gasp of a dying country. I really pray, this is the start of an uphill battle, that will end in victory for the Godly folks still left in USA. All it took to save the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah from the rain of brimstone and fire were ten righteous people. Surely Lord, there are enough righteous…???

    1. As you mention, Mr. Reimer, it is the fruit of evil mindedness. Our nation, and much of the world for that matter, is suffering from a moral collapse. That’s the ultimate problem. I pray for our nation every day, and for others as well. I can only ask for God to help us, but whether that help is on the form of national revival, or something more individual, is up in the air.

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