‘Angels We Have Heard On High’

I chose this hymn by accident and just went with it because it’s beautiful, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ is beautiful to contemplate–and because the computer won’t give me time to be particular.

3 comments on “‘Angels We Have Heard On High’

  1. I had to check outside and see if it was snowing…for that song is only played in December, you know, wintertime in Wisconsin, cold, ice, car batteries dying, calling AAA for a charge, snow shoveling, digging out your car which was buried under a foot of snow, car locks freezing up, slipping and falling on ice…

    Oh, I almost forgot, I’m not in Wisconsin anymore. It never snows here, so that song is played when it’s hot and you sweat just sitting down doing nothing. And if your car has been in the sun for a while, the windshield will burn you if you touch it. As a bonus, if you want to bake a cake just put it in your car, park in the sun, and in one hour it will be done.

    Nevertheless, that hymn is never out of season. Good choice.

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