‘Solid Gold Fauci!’ (2021)

Bust Golden Alfred E. Neuman Plastic • Germany | MADtrash.com

We must never, never, never, never again allow any government to do to us what this government did to us in The Great COVID Lockdown. And we need to elect a government that will sling some of these COVID cheats and liars into jail and throw away the key.

Solid Gold Fauci!

The big offender, of course, was Dr. Whatsisname Fauci–you know, the guy who was working on biowarfare with the freakin’ Chicoms.

In the meantime, we must use whatever means we can find to call this wicked, feckless, incompetent, stupid government to account. They don’t like getting laughed at, so let’s try some satire…

2 comments on “‘Solid Gold Fauci!’ (2021)

  1. The evidence is abundant that the Biden family is guilty of selling out to our enemies, just as the evidence is abundant that the Covid-19 vaccines did more harm than good, but the MSM/DOJ/Big Tech hides the truth by turning it into a lie.

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