Gallup Poll Looks Bad for ‘Higher Education’

Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can  do it, so can you.

Who would’ve thought it? Public confidence in America’s colleges and universities has “drastically declined,” according to a recent Gallup Poll (

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

In 2015, public confidence in “higher education” was 57%. In 2018, 48%. And now it’s down to 36%. Ulp.

Despite the fact that Job One for higher education is to crank out useful idiots who will vote for Democrats (providing they can remember to vote), confidence among Democrats slid from 68% to 59%. Ouch. And among Republicans, it’s only 19%.

Given the costs and prestige of college, these are startling figures.

Joe Collidge, hiding from skin-walkers, was unavailable for comment. But he has been known to attribute the trend to White Supremacy and Systemic Racism. It’s also Donald Trump’s fault. “And aslo awl themb stopid peple Out Thare,, thay Are jist Jellice!!!!!” His solution is to label any criticism of higher education “hat speach.”

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  1. Things have really slipped, over the last decade or so, regarding colleges. The more they concentrate on wokeness, the less time they spend on teaching useful skills. I’ve seen some truly pathetic grads, of late.

    1. All this talk of hats is outrageous. I can’t stand hat speech. 🙂

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