We Has Got Skinn-Wawkers

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(I seen a preddajissed person heer oncet!

We has got a grate big Woulds “on” our kampas,, “it” is “a” reel Forrist!!! Thay say it is “as Big” as Awstrailyer!!!!! And a lott “Of” us we lyke to Go hyking In thare!!

Well frist thare “was This” huuge promble, yiu cuddnt wauk In “the” woulds whith-auot meting somb-one whoo “Mite” be preddajissed!!!!!!!!!! Yiu caint has troo Dyvercity iff thare “Are” enny wyte peple Arauound!!!

So we setted up theese here spatial Hyking Paaths jist for Gays and Trans and Peeple “Of” Culler and fat, reel fat, increddably fat peple, undocktered mygrints, nun-bynary & nooro-diffuse and balled-hedded wimmin & dwharfs & orcks & hobbits & elfs…thiss whay thay woont has to whurry abaout running In”to” preddiced peple whoo “Are not” Esteamed Mynorratys!!!!!!

Ownly nhow we has got “anether” Promble.!


I doughnt know “haow” thay got In our woulds but nhow thare All Over “the” Plaice!!!! and yiu has To-be Cairful becaouse thay Are Monsters!!!!!!!!!! I bet Donuld Trumpt sented them!

Well it “Is” geting dark And “thats” wen the Skinn-Wawkers comb Out and Jump “on” peeple so I amb goingto Hyde “under” “The” bed!!!!!!!!

6 comments on “We Has Got Skinn-Wawkers

  1. Don’t hide under that bed, Joe! I’ve heard there are huge Dust Bunnies under there! 🙂

  2. I wonder how Joe has avoided becoming one with the LBGT mafia? The pressure must be immense. Are skin walkers part of the streakers crowd? Maybe Joe doesn’t like walking in the forest near evening because he might see his shadow and flip out.

  3. You gotta be careful about them skin walkers. I saw a dozen in the yard, just last night. Yep Joe, you’re ahead of the curve on this one.

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