‘Trendy Church Leader, Beware’

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Those who stand with Planned Parenthood will fall with Planned Parenthood.

The other day we posted the news that some 6,000 churches (!) have cut their ties to the United Methodist Church because they were sick and tired of “activists” in the denomination trying to make it “gay-friendly.” That’s a lot of congregations!

Trendy Church Leader, Beware

You’d think losing all those churches would at least suggest to UMC leaders that they just might possibly maybe be doing something wrong. But all they ever do is double down on losing hands. How many congregations have to secede before these dindles get the message?

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  1. The entire purpose of Christianity is to follow Christ’s example. Now, Christ was very kind, and tolerant, but also stood up for what was right. His example was to avoid a dry, compassionless application of the Law, and indeed, in that sense, stood as an example of avoiding legalism. However, we shouldn’t project onto Christ an “anything goes” attitude, because he also spoke out against sin, and live up to the Law.

    Churches embracing non-biblical things are going outside of what Christ taught. It’s that simple.

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