Bud Light’s Fake ‘Girl’ Flees to Peru

Bud Light CEO's 'pathetic' response to Dylan Mulvaney backlash

What if Peru considers this an act of war?

Claiming that he “doesn’t feel safe” in America anymore–what with all those normal people on the loose–Bud Light catastrophe and social media “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney has fled to Peru (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12289497/Sad-Dylan-Mulvaney-flees-PERU-complaining-no-longer-feels-safe-US.html).

Notice the Daily Mail’s shameful use of female pronouns in speaking of this man. If he declared he was a gas grill, what pronouns would you use then?

Anyway, my question is… “What in the world did you expect?” Is there anybody out there with so little substance to him that he can actually be “influenced” by some “influencer” on the Internet? What are you, dude–a ghost?

Well, the utter disaster of Bud Light’s fake girl ad campaign–Costco has just announced they won’t be stocking it anymore–suggests there’s still some hope that the human race might not delete itself in the next five years or so.

Now… Is there any way to make this guy stay out of America forever?

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  1. It is shameful that the Daily Mail used female pronouns concerning this man. Another good question, what if he declared he was a snake, what pronouns would you use then?

    1. There’s a whole lexicon of fables sprung up about “lynchings” of transgenders. It is, of course, garbage. The thing to remember is that they consider any divergence from their own opinion “violence.” As in “silence is violence.” It’s all crapola.

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