Byron’s TV Listings, July 15

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G’day, everybody! We’re back to our normal weekend slot, and here are some of the goodies we’ve lined up for you

7 P.M.  Ch. 11   UNCLE FROGBERT–Children’s programming

Program your kids to make a more sustainable world by eating bugs! They’ll want to be like Uncle Frogbert (Prince Harry), who snaps up every insect that crosses his path. Tonight’s guest: The ghost of someone who is still alive! Stay tuned to find out who it is.

Ch. 14   SCHMEGEGGE NEWS–News & commentary

Someone has to cover the dumbest, silliest, least important stories of the day! “And it might as well be us,” says anchor Oviraptor Stephanopoulos (George’s younger brother, who only just finished high school this year–at the age of 36). Tonight: Child can’t play hopscotch because she lost her chalk; dig for Carthaginian artifacts in New Zealand comes up empty.

7:30 P.M.  Ch. 31   Hi Dive!!–Life-or-death game show

If the pool isn’t full of water, that contestant is in trouble! Hosts Rosie O’Donnell and Dick Cavett introduce condemned criminals with this their only hope of escaping execution! Lots of water, you get a pardon. Not enough water in the pool–splat! Sponsored by Smogg  Bros. tomato sauce.

8 P.M.  Ch. 46   MOVIE–Caters to the truly desperate

In “Stop Me Before I Pee Again!” an epidemic of urinary tract infections eviscerates (?) the Lost City of Skimby, Indiana (Serbo-Haitian, 1997). Can Dr. Krupke (Ross Perot) and Mayor Yiggle (Joan Collins) find and administrate a cure before everybody dies? Song: “I Dassn’t Sit Down,” by the Bashi-Bazooks.

Ch. 61   LAWRENCE WHELK–Music, variety: all underwater

The only band conducted by a large mollusc, and performing exclusively underwater because they can’t breathe on land, Lawrence Whelk’s Musical Molluscs have been a hit from the Caribbeans to the Sea of Okhotsk. Tonight’s featured soloist: Arby the 1,200-pound sunfish belts out a medley of cowboy ballads.

Well, boys ‘n’ gals, if that doesn’t want to make you watch TV, I dunno what will!


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Byron the Quokka, signing off

6 comments on “Byron’s TV Listings, July 15

  1. Well, if Joe Briden can build a railroad across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, I don’t wee why there can’t be an underwater orchestra along the route to provide entertainment. (By the way, I notice that the June Taylor Dancers are on vacation again.)

    Iggy rallied a bit last night and took something to eat, and he took some more this morning. So we may make it through the weekend after all, and maybe even a little beyond. It’s hard to tell. I’m just grateful for every day when he’s still with me.

    1. That should have been “I don’t see,” not “I don’t wee.” I wee pretty well, thank you. Old ladies usually do. 🙄

    2. And I also misspelled SloJo’s last name as well. I must have been thinking of “Let’s Go Brandon.” Or maybe I just need more sleep.

  2. UNCLE FROGBERT – Prince Harry eating bugs for attention – sounds about right. SCHMEGEGGE NEWS–News & commentary – this show sounds more informative than our local TV news. MOVIE–Caters to the truly desperate – Kenny Rogers would say you got to know when to hold them. If they play Lawrence’s big hit “Calcutta” I am in for the submersion.

  3. “Arby the 1,200-pound sunfish belts out a medley of cowboy ballads.” Nows thats, eyes has gots to sees and hears.

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