Does Kamala Want to Reduce the Population?

The correction, which indicates that investing in clean energy and reducing pollution (rather than the population) would help provide clean air and water for the country.

See? We crossed it out!

Well, heck, she said she does: America must “reduce the population” to fight Climbit Chainge (

Oh, but it was only a slip of the tongue! She meant to say “reduce pollution.” See? “Population” is crossed out on her cue card, and “pollution” is typed in.

We all know, don’t we, that sometimes a slip of the tongue is the only way some people have of telling the truth. (Vice President Kamala Harris also produces cackling sound effects, as you will see.) We know she’s enamored of abortion. And dedicated to “gender-affirming” irreversible surgery on children whose minds have been distracted by their friendly teachers’ union members.

So, yeah–“reduce the population” easily fits right in with everything else she says.

Plus she’s… weird.

3 comments on “Does Kamala Want to Reduce the Population?

  1. Weird just does not cut it. Nor does eerie or bizarre define insufferable Harris. She uses English words, but can’t put enough together in proper sequence to construct a rational nor sensible sentence. And that incessant cackle during inappropriate times, many sense it portrays a disturbing underlying psychological problem. Besides all that, she promotes abortion, and other evil agendas, which makes her a malevolent and immoral being.

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