Are They Gunning for ‘The Chosen’?

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Jesus with His disciples, in The Chosen

Many of us are waiting for the next season of The Chosen to be finished and put on the air. But in the meantime, there are rumors floating around that seem intended to alienate Christian viewers.

Here’s a Reddit report that says Dallas Jenkins, the creator, director, and producer of The Chosen, says he’s decided not to cover the Transfiguration… because “it’s not important.” There’s also a rumor that half the cast of The Chosen actively supported “Pride Month.” And another rumor about truckloads of Mormon cash flowing in.

I’ve watched any number of “Bible movies” over the years, and never yet saw one that ventured to depict the Transfiguration. I dunno. If Cecil B. DeMille could part the Red Sea, surely someone could’ve re-created the Transfiguration.

(Did somebody just say “Transfiguration? What’s that?” I’m afraid I’d better include a reference: )

Just going by the ferocity with which they’ve lit into The Sound of Freedom, we won’t be far off if we speculate that globalists, Democrats, teachers’ unions, et al would be equally “un-welcoming” to The Chosen. Sound of Freedom attacks child sex trafficking; by attacking the movie, Far Left Crazy defends child sex trafficking. Which doesn’t surprise me at all.

These people find “Christian movies” (I’m not sure there is such a thing, but you know what I mean) deeply threatening and would very much like to suppress them. Failing that, they might try spreading rumors that keep Christians away from the screen.

We ought not, ever, to rely on movies for our religious instruction. Our authoritative source must always be the Bible. But “Bible movies” are not incapable of doing good. Sometimes they fall short of all the good they might have done.

Let’s give The Chosen the benefit of the doubt–which it has earned, so far!–and see what the next season brings.

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  1. I have a host of problems with The Chosen. Dallas Jenkins is a very shifty character who says one thing to Mormons who interview him and another to Protestants; he says that Mormons love the same Jesus we do and the show is full of subtle reinterpretations of words and motives. It’s also highly historically inaccurate (Peter breaking the Sabbath with impunity and the Pharisees don’t even notice is the one I remember off the top of my head), as well as dialogue being put into Jesus’ mouth to make him seem edgy. Also, dialogue being put into Jesus’ mouth that is opposite to everything he ever taught (asking Nicodemus ‘what does your heart tell you?’ and being disappointed that Nicodemus won’t follow him as his disciple, but being very understanding; pretty different from the Jesus who said, “He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.”)
    The Chosen is really garbage. And that doesn’t even get into just the bad writing and cringey dialogue that pervades it.

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