‘School District Adopts “Kinder” Grading System’ (2020)

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I wonder if they’ve still got this turkey, three years later: a “kinder” grading system whose purpose seemed to be to make failure invisible. But it would still be failure.

School District Adopts ‘Kinder’ Grading System

Here’s the question of the century. Why do parents, any parents, seem willing to allow addle-pated “educators” to be co-parents with them? Why have they left their children in these schools?

Yeah, yeah, it’s for Socialization. Or something.

I learned a lot more bad behaviors from other kids, at school than I ever learned from any member of my family.

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  1. The next stage is “AI partners” who will follow 5-year-olds throughout their educational lives. What could go wrong with that? 🙂 The answer to AI is who is doing the programming. If it is a Biblical Worldview, great, except it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to build an AI platform.

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