Joe Collidge on Electric Cars

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Well heer I amb back “on” my reggler Day–and Its High Tyme the guvvermint foarced awl themb stopid peeple To “by” Eelectrick Cars!!!! Butt the One Thing “I” cant figgre Out “is” haow “to” menage the Extention Chords!!!

Okay, ware do themb doapes who Isnt “in” Collidge think thar’e gonna Go ennyhaow?? Wy do thay Evin has Cars??? Evin “so”,, affter a cupple Hunnerd (^100) feet or So, I wood think themb chords thay wood Get “awl tanggld” Up whith Fiyer Hydrints “and” stuph!!!!!! We hadded one of them Exetention Chords on our “fambly” Chrissmiss Tree oncet “and” sumb-boddy thay Trippt “over It” and “the” hole Thing it fell Daown!!!!! (I got blaymed foar It tooo!!)

Ovbiusly “the” Best Thing to doo whith “cars” is to ferget themb Extrention Coards and get ouat “And” pussh!!!!!! Thay cood awlyaws maik Cars “whith” moar Weels so yiu cood pussh themb Fasster!!!!!!!

Enny-haow thares Too menny ordrinary dum peeple Dryving awl araound The plaice,, yiu shood oawt to has a Collidge Deegree befoar thay “let” yiu Dryve!!!!

Thay say “the” eelectrick Cars thay willl has Batterees–well thats a awffle Lot of Flasch-Lyte battrees, I amb sure the coards thay whil Wurk beter!!! Jist be cairffle Not “to” Trip ovar themb!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yes! Joe has the answer! No batteries, no engines, just lots of wheels, and everyone pushes the car everywhere. Brilliant! I can hardly wait for the legislation — no, the executive order — that mandates this. (Oops, maybe we shouldn’t give them any ideas.)

    1. Actually, they are moving backwards. Fred Flintstone had a better method. 🙂

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