‘In the Sweet By and By’

It’s hard to hear this hymn without your heart melting: In the Sweet By and By, sung by the Mennonite Singers. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more this hymn speaks to me.

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  1. For those married couples who have been together for most of their lives, neither wants to be the first to go, knowing the one left behind will suffer much grief and heartache. But for those older folks, the ones left behind after years of marriage, to pine away their remaining years (I don’t mean to infer, it’s all just grief and pain, you do learn to live with it), nevertheless, the older we get the more this hymn speaks to us.

  2. Next month on the 26th it will be two years, and its taken this long, so that now I don’t weep everyday, but I still pine a great deal. I have a friend who lost his wife of 40 years. He got remarried a year later. Some people move on really fast. I have another friend who’s husband of about 25 years passed away. She got remarried two years later, and within one year he died. She got remarried again, and so far he is still with her.

  3. That is a great blessing God has granted to you and Patty. I pray many more will follow.

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