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‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Burl Ives)

No one ever had a more mellow voice than Burl Ives–ideal for singing old-fashioned hymns: the kind of hymns that are still loved today, many years after they were written.

Hymns like this one–In the Sweet By and By.

‘In the Sweet By and By’

Here’s another version of this lovely old-time hymn, this one by The Mennonite Singers–In the Sweet By and By. It’s awesome to me, the way they can blend human voices into a glorious musical instruments. Background sets by God the Father.

‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Burl Ives)

One more Burl Ives hymn, all right? In the Sweet By and By…

I’ve reached the age where there are more people waiting for me in the sweet by and by than are waiting for me here.

New Video!

Okay! We’ve finally got Joshua and Jeremy singing, so let’s give them a big hand! Well, we can’t really do that on computers, but you know what I mean.

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This is our fifth video. We haven’t made a new one for about two months, but we’ve finally been able to film “In the Sweet By and By”! We tried singing this time, while playing the guitars. Please enjoy!

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‘In the Sweet By and By’

Published in 1868 and still going strong, In the Sweet By and By–performed here by Nathan and Lyle, with family and friends, in Denton County, Texas.

‘In the Sweet By and By’

This hymn is coming to you this morning by the miracle of modern computer technology–if it works. It doesn’t always.

So, keeping our fingers crossed (’cause I’m not actually here), here’s In the Sweet By and By, performed by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends, in Denton County, Texas.  I do wish I could be there for one of these hymn-sings.

‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Fountainview Academy)

It must have been tricky, getting all these Fountainview kids with their instruments, plus a big piano, onto a raft and out on the water–but the acoustics must have been worth it: a lake enclosed by mountains, a natural amphitheater. And we love those old-fashioned hymns–for instance, In the Sweet By and By.

‘In the Sweet By and By’

I went out on my bike early this morning, and something about the quality of the light, I guess, brought this hymn to mind–and lovely days with much-loved people who are in this world no more–that, and God’s promise, which only God can perform, to renew and restore His whole creation, and to regenerate it in perfection.

In the Sweet By and By was written in 1868 by Sanford Bennet and Joseph Webster, performed today by Nathan and Lyle and friends and family in Denton County, Texas.

‘In the Sweet By and By’

A dear old hymn from 1868: In the Sweet By and By.

I love the way these folks in Denton County, Texas, do hymns. For more, visit their website, http://music-folk-play-hymns.com/ .

Hymn, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

I do have some hymn requests lined up, and I’ll post them all. But this one, if you don’t mind, is for me. Something about several generations of a family praising God together, making a joyful noise unto the Lord…

I haven’t looked at any news yet. I still have a nasty hole in my elbow. And would you believe it? I fell off my bike so hard, I tore one of my shoes. So today I have to run off to Payless before it rains some more.

But first, my spiritual vitamins…

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