Are We the Eloi?

There are readers who don’t know what I’m talking about when I compare us to the Eloi: they haven’t read The Time Machine or seen the movie.

These stills from the movie will clue you in.

The innocent, harmless, child-like Eloi, when they hear the sirens, all drop what they’re doing and shuffle wordlessly off to what is (but they don’t know it) the entrance to a cannibalistic underworld. The message of the sirens is, “Come down into the dark so we can kill and eat you.” The Eloi don’t know that, either. They just obey.

The next time our government sounds the lockdown sirens, they must be made to understand that we’re on to you, charlie, and this time we will not obey! This time you don’t get to scare us into abject compliance with your diktats.

Watch the movie and see what happens when the Eloi finally catch on.

3 comments on “Are We the Eloi?

  1. Well, I didn’t obey the first time. Even when I had no choice because the churches were closed of I wasn’t allowed into a store, I complained and tried to point out what was wrong with the program. At some stores, I pointedly walked away and in one case said I would never return. At others, where I absolutely needed something that I couldn’t get elsewhere, I stuck the mask underneath my chin as soon as I was inside. Never stood six feet away from anyone either — although some paranoiacs kept moving six feet away from **me** instead. And of course I never took the jab.

    What we need to do even more than resisting individually is find some way to get the paranoiacs to understand what’s happening and start to resist as well. In fact, one of the tools the Morlocks use is to get people isolated from each other, to get them to fear and distrust each other. This is what we must break up somehow.

  2. I liked both movies, the 1960 and the 2002 starring Guy Pearce and Orlando Jones.

    Here, there are still Eloi walking around with muzzles. I never took the jab, and discouraged as many as I could from taking it. I never put on a muzzle when outdoors. When they cracked down, and soldiers were roaming the streets and ordering everyone to put one on, I did carry one and a face shield when I needed to go to the market. One day I was ordered to put one on, I did, but as soon as I walked away, I took it off, and a bit later, again I was ordered to put one on, I did and removed it again.

    One day they did order the churches to close on Sunday. I wasn’t sure if my church would be closed, but just in case it was, I took my Bible and karaoke mic, to preach in the street if it was. I would not obey nor bow down to that order! Come and arrest me, that is where I drew the line.

    So, I guess I am a rebellious Eloi.

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