‘The Face-Mask: Our Badge of Submission’ (2020)

We need a powerful 'people movement' in support of wearing face ...

They turned us into Eloi!

It seems far away, but the 2024 presidential election will be on us before you know it–and we must not allow the government to abuse us as they did in 2020. We must never, never, never forget!

The Face-Mask: Our Badge of Submission

You know they’re already looking for some way to interfere with this election, bring back mail-in voting, hey, look at that, Democrats win! What’ll it be this time, you commie stinkards? Another pandemic? Climbit Change? Or some cute trick you haven’t tried yet.

We let them lock us down last time because we were afraid, they made us think we were all gonna die if we didn’t obey.

When government loses all its fear of the people, that’s when it feels free to indulge itself in tyranny.

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  1. We saw some braindead young man on our way to church this morning walking along the sidewalk by himself wearing a Covid mask. We are involved in a movement to have only paper ballots for elections. We found out that no one knows who owns the voting machines the federal gov’t gave to our State, and when the election is over a thumbnail is sent to the company from our Sec of State and then they tell us who won. They will not give us the code they use. It is outrageous. That’s how the Dems will cheat in 2024.

    1. Yes, they’re already setting it up. Once you’ve got cheating mastered, you can get a desk elected president.

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