‘How “Smart” Are Your Light Bulbs?’ (2015)

Turns Out Those Twisty Light Bulbs Aren't That Great


And heaven help you if you break one! Have to call a hazmat team…

How many of you still don’t know that when liberals say “smart,” they mean stupid–and more than likely, something that will spy on you?

How ‘Smart’ Are Your Light Bulbs?

Smart phones, smart cars, smart light bulbs–it’ll all be used against you, man. A smart car can be shut down remotely by some Far Left agent who doesn’t think your mind is right.

They keep on trying to turn our whole civilization into a continuous feedback loop of Cool Hand Luke.


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  1. Good one! Jordan Peterson says there is no such thing as EVs because they are really robots. Sitting in one is like sitting in a high-powered cell phone – you know, the one everyone carries around like a third hand whose owner’s manual says not to put it within three inches of your ear.

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