‘How “Smart” Are Your Light Bulbs?’ (2015)

Turns Out Those Twisty Light Bulbs Aren't That Great


And heaven help you if you break one! Have to call a hazmat team…

How many of you still don’t know that when liberals say “smart,” they mean stupid–and more than likely, something that will spy on you?

How ‘Smart’ Are Your Light Bulbs?

Smart phones, smart cars, smart light bulbs–it’ll all be used against you, man. A smart car can be shut down remotely by some Far Left agent who doesn’t think your mind is right.

They keep on trying to turn our whole civilization into a continuous feedback loop of Cool Hand Luke.


So You Want a ‘Smart Home,’ Do You?

Okay–who out there did not know that this would happen? If that’s you, take your head out of that hole in the sand.

So the Amazon delivery guy, wearing headphones, thought he heard some forbidden remark from the customer’s “smart” doorbell; so he reported it to Amazon, they decided it was Racist… and shut down the whole shebang (https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/amazon-shuts-down-customers-smart-home.2392704/).

Locked out. No lights. No air conditioning. No phone service. The poor devil was locked out of his home for a week! Because some delivery guy thought he heard something that mighta-coulda been Racist. Betrayed by a wonky doorbell and a delivery man too lazy to take off his earphones so he could hear things clearly.

Is the lesson here that Amazon can do anything to you that it pleases? Or just that having a “smart home” is really pretty stupid? It’s not a court of law, you know: they don’t have to prove their case, and you don’t get any opportunity to defend yourself. “That feller thought you said…” is enough to get your locked out of your home. You can’t appeal the decision.

Freedom, liberty–if the government isn’t lusting to take it away from you, many major corporations are.

‘”Smart City”–You Sure You Want to Live There?’ (2018)

Irobots Human Robots Front Futuristic City Stock Illustration 267589946 |  Shutterstock

“No humans left? That’s really smart!”

Oh, there’s that word “smart” again! Here they wanted to make the whole city “smart.”

I think it’s time we recognized the globalists for what they are.


‘Smart City’–You Sure You Want to Live There?

They mean to devour our freedom. In effect, eat us alive–by controlling everything. Maybe you can do that with the right degree of urban planning. Worth a try!

(“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the LORD shall have them in derision”– Psalm 2: 4)