‘Why Is Everyone So Angry?’ (2019)

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Well, gee–if all that COVID panic and the **** they call “the news” today doesn’t make you angry, what will?

Somebody’s always shooting up the place. Why? And don’t say “Because we need more gun control!” That’s just fat-headism.

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

There was no “gun control” when my father was a boy. He had a gun, his friends had guns, they liked to shoot after school–and mass shootings simply did not happen. 

No, something else happened. It happened to our culture. It happened to our national character.

And I’m pretty sure it was mostly libs that made it happen.

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  1. They say if you put red ants and black ants in a jar, they will leave each other alone. But if you shake the jar up the ants will attack and kill each other. I wonder who is responsible for shaking up America’s jar? I know Obama was good at it.

    1. Ants from different colonies will fight, no matter what the color. Trust me, I had an ant farm.

      And yes, Obama was and is a race hustler and fight-starter. Disgraceful.

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