We Whil Pro-T’e’st EnnyThing!!!

7 Times in History When Students Turned to Activism - The New York Times

I seen it “in the” nooze, a guy wawks Into “a” bahr to by a Drink and thay woodnt Surve himb becose he “was” Ownly 17 ((oar was it 13? i get themb 2 micksed up!). This heer is Is Age-Ism!! Discrimbinacion! Racism!!! Butt he knowed waht To Do aboat It!!!

He whent Out “and” highered a hole buntch “Of” Pro-Testers to mess up that bahr!!!!

Well, I got “to” Thinckin, lyke, we has tuns of Pro-Testers rite heer at Collidge,; wye doughnt we Get highered And payed foar doing Pro-Tests??? Heck, I awlyaws kneed munny, we awl Do!! and we awl has Lots “of” Expeariints pro-testing awl soarts Of stuph!!! Wye knot Putt “a” ad in the paper so peeple Wil higher Us to doo thare Pro-tests Foar themb???? I meen, lyke, Thatz waht “a” collidge Eddicasion’s foar, issnt It??

Pro-Testing foar munny it wood nott “be a” Jobb, we doughnt do Jobbs! No! It is Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!! It doughnt awlyaws has To Be aboat Save The Plannit!! And this whay we “Can” stay In Pracktiss foar “The” reely impotant Pro-tests!!!!!

And we awl kneed “Moar Munny” to by Pot!!!!


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  1. Money? Working for money? Isn’t that (gasp) capitalist? Say it ain’t so, Joe! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Why do you need to buy weed? Weeds grow for free in my yard. Come by and you can help yourself to all you want. But its self help only, you have to work, you gotts to pic em.

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