‘New Book Says, “Be Your Own God!”‘ (2017)

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This was the latest in pop theology in 2017. Several idiots agreed: “He really has something there.”

New Book Says ‘Be Your Own God!’

Billed as “the ultimate self-help manual,” this book had a regrettable tendency to fall apart before it could be read. Perils of self-publishing, etc.

As for Mr. Hodgepodge, rumor has it that he now works for the FBI, suggesting people for them to spy on.

8 comments on “‘New Book Says, “Be Your Own God!”‘ (2017)

    1. Considering his personality and intelligence, wouldn’t eating bugs be akin to cannibalism for Hodgepodge?

    2. I was very tired yesterday, and also heaped up with errands. By the time I got to my computer, with not much time left to read or answer posts, there were almost four dozen (count ’em!) emails waiting for me, plus entries to be made in various record-keeping programs. All I could do here was skim ‘n’ like and move on. I’m doing a little better today, but not by much.

      I’m also having to stop every 10 minutes or so to delete and block the floods of political campaign texts and calls (which I don’t answer) on my phone. In fact, two more just came in while I was typing this. Arghhhh.

    3. Actually, the political emails are easiest to deal with; almost all of them go straight into my spam folder where I can delete them in bulk. I didn’t even include them in the 4 dozen emails I mentioned in my comment. It’s the texts and phone calls that cause me the headaches. I don’t answer any phone calls whose numbers I don’t recognize, and most of the spam calls don’t bother to leave messages, but I still have to go to all the bother of marking them as spam, blocking them in my Call Filter app as necessary, and deleting them from my call log.

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