Animals’ Minds

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Do you ever wonder what goes on in the minds of domesticated animals? It must be very different from the mental landscapes of wild animals. I mean, I had an iguana whose best friends were all mammals. He used to cuddle up on the bed, on cold days, with a dog and a cat. But the other cat he would chase out of the room… because she liked to poop in the bed. I was grateful to him for that.

So we see all these videos featuring animals, assorted pets, acting like nothing you’d expect–and I can’t help but wonder, is God trying to show us something? I think He is. When you see a cat or a dog nestling with a band of chicks or ducklings–instead of eating them!–you just have to wonder how such a thing can be.

If animals can get along together, why can’t we?

4 comments on “Animals’ Minds

  1. The number of amazing animal videos I’ve seen on YouTube convince me that we have greatly underestimated animals, and their importance in God’s scheme of things.

  2. There have been some very unexpected (by me) actions by animals in many of these videos. Some show great affection, like your iguana, and other kinds of creatures, that I would never have guessed, they would express or show. Even the chickens, which I thought were only good for one thing, during dinner time, residing on my plate next to the vegetables.

  3. I love watching animals getting along. I also love seeing animal mommies caring for the young of other types of animals.

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