Robot ‘Life Coach’ (Oh, Boy)

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“Having never lived myself, I know exactly how you should live!”

“Those who can’t do, teach.”

Okay. What about those who have never actually done anything… because they have never been… alive?

They become Google “life coach” robots!

It’s bad enough that some of us have to seek “life coaching” from persons who do it for money; but from a robot?  For instance, Google’s “DeepMind” which is not a mind at all, but a robot that responds mindlessly to certain words.

The danger, critics say, is that some poor souls out there will form “emotional attachments” to their life coach robots. “My best friend is my life coach!” And your life coach is a robot. Something vewy scwewy is going on awound here. Weren’t a lot of 1950s and 60s science fiction writers worried about this very thing?

Not entirely wholesome, is it?

But by all means let’s just dive headfirst into Artificial Intelligence and hope we don’t crack open our skulls against the bottom.

5 comments on “Robot ‘Life Coach’ (Oh, Boy)

  1. The whole notion of a “life coach” is one I find galling. Just because someone took a course and passed a certification exam, I’m suddenly supposed to entrust them to guide my life. Even Psychologists with PHDs are fallible, and in fact, have been known to pass put very poor advice. Psychological theories have been known to be in error, and following these can be risky.

    I have people I turn to for advice. People I know, and people whose track record in life has earned my respect. I also recognize the limitations of these individuals. The person that gives good financial advice is not necessarily going to be the best advisor for areas of life which involve empathy and compassion, and vice versa.

    Ultimately, I am the responsible party for my life and my decisions.

    1. Exactly. We learn by our failures, our successes, and the close scrapes we get into.

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