‘The New Tower of Babel’ (Newswithviews, Aug. 17)

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“Grovel to your betters, plebs!”

God confounded human language to stop the construction of the Tower of Babel and to keep worse things from happening.

Today it’s our ruling sinners who confound the language… to ensure that worse things happen. 

The New Tower of Babel

“Gee, they must be smart! We can’t understand ’em when they talk!”

They dumb us down in school and college, groom us for our role as useful idiots to the Democrat Party, and only remember us around election-time. Or if they need to whip up a riot for some reason. Any reason.

We are governed by people who despise us and who intend to do us harm. George Washington called the force of government “a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

We need to get those Constitutional Checks and Balances back into shape.

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  1. For some time now, I have felt that we are at a moment much like Babel. I agree that this wasn’t simply a matter of punishment; but instead a measure to keep the human race from damaging itself. But now we are back to a similar situation.

    The Age of Tech has improved telecommunications capabilities to the point where it’s not unusual for me to make phone calls to 2 or three distant continents on any given day. But even at that, there are still language barriers, not to mention the complications of different time zones. The future will be interesting.

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