‘Moon Landing Movie: Stealing History’ (2018)

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Here’s one of those details they left out of the movie.

When they’re not simply erasing history altogether, leftids hijack it.

So America’s 1969 moon landing–we are still the only country to accomplish that–winds up being portrayed as some kind of globalist triumph. And they wonder why so many people don’t bother with movies anymore.

Moon Landing Movie: Stealing History

They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but these people have no shame. Unable to match American achievements of some fifty years ago, they ignore them and make believe they could do them to only they’re too busy redefining gender, blah-blah.

I doubt we could do it again, with the drips we have in charge in 2023.

3 comments on “‘Moon Landing Movie: Stealing History’ (2018)

  1. Well, the current thing is to deny the moon landing happened at all, and that it was all fake. We’re beyond changing history, or even denying it, but flat out rejecting it as a lie.

  2. IMO, the US Space Program on the ‘60s was certainly a US project, but was generously undertaken to benefit all mankind … and it certainly has worked out that way. Much of our modern, high-tech world, came directly, or at least indirectly from this project, but that doesn’t give cause not to plant this nation’s flag on tne surface of the moon.

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