California Public Schools: Making Them Worse

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Is that what you’d call the face of a man who means well?

Don’t say “That’s just California.” That this could happen at all should shame the entire human race.

Gov. Gavin Noisome sez he and his fellow Democrats in the state legislature are preparing new “law” that would forbid school districts to notify parents if their child suddenly wants to be Transgender (

Can you believe the Dems are talking up this guy as a potential president, if it turns out they have to throw SloJo under the bus?

I know: it’s complicated. Let’s try to speak plainly. They are thinking of making it against the law for a school district to let parents know if their child expresses a desire to “change” his or her “gender.” They are not taking requests for comments or explanations; and the legislative session is almost over, so there won’t be much time for debate: they’ll just ram it through.

What do they contemplate as the punishment for letting mothers and fathers know their kids have flipped their lids?

“Transgender” is surely the worst thing the human race has ever done. Why are Democrats all in for it? Why do Republicans dither and dodder? What is the payoff for warping and ultimately sterilizing an entire generation of children?

I think it’s satanic.

If you’ve got a better explanation, I’d love to hear it.

4 comments on “California Public Schools: Making Them Worse

  1. Even the LGBT community – especially the T – is increasingly speaking out. Genuinely dysphoric people are horrified by what’s being done to children, and how “trans” is being portrayed. Even autogynephiles are starting to speak out against it!

    Make no mistake: the people leading the charge on all this don’t give a rip about actual transsexuals or gays. They’re just using them for a greater goal: destabilize the system. And there is no surer way to destabilize the system than to break apart the family unit. They want a world of they/thems, and for children to be long to the state. And they intend to be the state. They’ve almost completely succeeded in their first goal of achieving power at all costs.

  2. They are also considering a law to take the child away from the parents if they refuse to let their child transition. As far as someone to replace Biden in 2024, Vegas is betting on Michele Obama.

    1. Wow! We could go that whole Third World route! First you have the dictator, then you get the dictator’s wife. Dems would think they died and went to heaven.

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