My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 24 (‘Who’s Afraid of Bloomberg?’)

Mr. Mayor, Grin and Bear It - Slide Show -

Bloomberg on Groundhog Day–back before every day was Groundhog Day.

I, for one, am afraid of Michael Bloomberg. He’s always up to mischief, and doesn’t care–really doesn’t care–how much money he has to spend to get what he wants. And as a multi-billionaire, he has plenty of money to spend.

Who’s Afraid of Bloomberg?

Bloomberg’s international “climate group” aims at banning meat, dairy, and private car ownership by 203o. Wonderful! It’s as if there is no Bill of Rights at all, and never was! They can just do anything to us that they please.

But it’s all for our own good! We don’t know what our own good us, but we don’t have to: liberal geniuses will do all our knowing for us.

God defend us.

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  1. These “major US cities” who’ve signed onto the program – or, rather, those in charge of them now who won’t be by the time the program kicks in – must have been paid heavily for their signatures. Banning meat and dairy, in particular, means the destruction of the restaurant industry as well as the hotel industry and the tourist industry in general — all of which are essential to the survival of big cities. Also in line for destruction are non-major-chain groceries and other food stores (butchers, bakers, etc.), and from there all the other businesses dependent on the staff who’ll be laid off when the meat-dependent businesses close. Then the food contractors will be hit, e.g., cattle and hog ranchers, dairy farmers, packers and truckers, etc., not to mention all the local businesses surrounding those farms and suppliers when they shut down. I’m not sure whether poultry will be included, but if so, forget about eggs and all the related industries. Oh, and of course the stock market will take a hit on all those industries, especially the futures markets.

    What luck that Bill Gates and his Great Reset cronies have bought up so much farm land and started several new fake-meat companies, no?

    Of course, without animal protein in people’s diets – what will essentially be a vegan diet – there will be widespread malnutrition, since many nutrients, including B12 and other B vitamins, are available only in animal products and can’t be manufactured by the human body. Hmmm, that will call for many nutritional supplements, both in the fake meats and in OTC vitamin/mineral pills at the pharmacy. (And no one will ask where, how, and from what those supplements are being made.)

    What luck that so many of the Big Pharm companies and the rest of the Great Reset cronies are geared up to produce all these nutritional supplements, no?

    And that’s just the beginning, folks….

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