Families Flocking to New Christian School

Cornerstone Christian Schools

[Thanks to Susan for the news tip.]

Loudon County, Virginia–best known for its Far Left Crazy school board and their loopy policies–has a new Christian school in which more than 500 children have already been enrolled (https://www.foxnews.com/media/hundreds-flock-new-christian-school-loudoun-county-virginia-these-parents-didnt-walk-they-ran).

Cornerstone Christian Academy only opened last February, and families are flocking to it. Tuition aid is available to families who need it; and in contrast to the (ahem!) public schools, where they want the kids’ families to just butt out, Cornerstone will be “partnering with parents.”

Obviously the need is for more Christian schools. As for the public schools, only one thing can be said: “Abandon ship!”

Unless, of course, you’re one of those wackos who likes your children being groomed for aberrant lifestyles.

4 comments on “Families Flocking to New Christian School

  1. I lived down in that area–expensive cesspool of white liberals–and couldn’t have been happier when my job transferred me to a different state where sanity reigns.

    Side note: at one time the pastor of the tiny church I attended there (no building of our own, we gathered in a movie theater and had to be out before first showings) said that “We are in one of the wealthiest counties in the country and most of the kids in these schools are impoverished and suffer malnutrition.” I thought he was stretching the truth a bit so I went and did the research for myself and poof! Mind blown. Loudon, Fairfax, NoVA counties show up at the top along with others along the Beltway. And he’s not wrong about the kids, either, but I doubt even he, back then, realized just how spiritually impoverished they were as well.

    It shouldn’t have been, though, considering its where a lot of the politicians own homes and stay when they bother to go to DC.

  2. It is sad that young families are having both parents work jobs to get by and provide for their children because the gov’t takes half of the money that we earn in taxes in one form or another. Too many feel left out in being able to give their children a Christian education. One hour of Sunday school a week does not work.

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