‘Have They Finally Gone Too Far?’ (2000)

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One of the highlights of The Pandemic was provided by “school officials” in Rutherford County, TN… who tried to get parents to sign a pledge “not to interfere” in their childrens’ on-line lessons while the schools were closed. Yup–they wanted parents to just butt out.

Have They Finally Gone Too Far?

Now they’re gearing up another Pandemic, in time for the next election. Democrat Party lookin’ bad? Mail-in ballots to the rescue! Along with lockdowns, shortages, masks, social distancing–oh, yeah!

God help us, it seems a miracle there’s still a United States at all: teachers’ unions, Big Media, Big Tech, and Democrats working so hard, as they do, to destroy it.

Don’t let them do this to us again! They’re already taking their warmup tosses–“mask mandates” re-imposed at various “colleges,” and we’re seeing more people driving past–for cryin’ out loud, they’re in their cars–alone!–why are they wearing those masks?

The Pandemic was the best thing that ever happened to Far Left Crazy in America, and they’re not going to give it up.

But we already have our watchword:

We will not comply.

3 comments on “‘Have They Finally Gone Too Far?’ (2000)

  1. We simply have to stand up against this tyranny. I know we need to be law abiding citizens, but when the government behaves like this, they have passed the line, and we cannot allow our lives to be threatened like this.

  2. The demoncrats will again make all the new vaccine available for free and flood the country with Unemployment benefits where half of our tax dollars go to the Deep State’s secret stash.

  3. Demoncrats are criminals committing crimes. It’s not unlawful to use force to stop crimes from happening.

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