Pope: Meat Is An ‘Indulgence’

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Yucking it up! I wonder what he thinks is so funny.

I’d be more careful about flappin’ my jaw about indulgences, if I were Pope. But the Red Pope is getting at the planet-cooking practice of eating meat and how we should all lay off it from now on (https://www.euronews.com/green/2022/07/12/pope-tells-young-people-eating-meat-is-part-of-a-self-destructive-trend).

See, eating meat is “part of a self-destructive trend” that includes all kinds of “consumerism.” Well, he is the PETA Person of the Year for 2015. They wouldn’t honor him if he wasn’t a kook. Supposedly he eats a very simple diet.

He urges us to get rid of things we don’t need. He doesn’t say which things, but I think we can guess–cars, air conditioning, gas stoves, lights that come on when you flip the switch, etc. Plebs! Are you pumped up for a 13th-century lifestyle?

By the way… the leadership of very many Protestant churches is no better than what our Catholic brethren are getting.

I wonder what would happen if they tried to get people to give up their video games.


7 comments on “Pope: Meat Is An ‘Indulgence’

  1. This Pope is a disgrace to the Church and a scandal to believers — “scandal,” that is, in the theological sense, i.e., something that puts an obstacle in the way of faith.

  2. He blows my mind and always has. Phoebe is right, there are protestants that are no better.
    What a shame.

    1. When I think of the new ministerette at the church that I grew up in, saying adultery is “no big deal,” I get a very clear idea of why we need the Internet.

  3. The Devil is a liar, and currently his biggest lies are evolution and climate change. Evolution is ludicrous (so what the stars are far away, that doesn’t prove their age), and climate change a hoax – the more CO2 the greener the planet and the greater the yield from farmland. This current Pope is hard to swallow. Why can’t they come up with a good one?

  4. All true followers of Jesus Christ must be united in their defense of the faith during these evil times!

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