Why Watch ‘Columbo’?

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Now that our new computer is installed, we’re able to watch discs again; and this weekend we’re watching Columbo episodes, vintage 1971 and thereabouts.

This show was a world-wide hit, one of the greatest achievements, all-time, of American TV. And it’s still a blast today: it’ll never grow stale.

Columbo himself looks like the most insignificant man on earth. The murderers he brings to justice are persons of wealth, status, education, political power (sometimes), and charisma. They are all sure they can get away with murder. These are highly privileged people–real John Kerry/Nancy Pelosi types. Laws don’t apply to them: only to us chuckleheads and deplorables.

So it’s hugely satisfying when Columbo finally brings them down!

Columbo is Nemesis (just like Miss Marple!), and Nemesis is always humbly clothed. Nemesis is never flashy. As an agent of divine justice–God’s justice–Nemesis can never be bought off, intimidated, corrupted, or made a fool of. It will pursue the guilty beyond the gates of death.

And it’s good for us to know that.

6 comments on “Why Watch ‘Columbo’?

  1. That was/is a great TV program. There were no “F” words, no nasty stuff that I can remember. And the evil doer’s got the reward of their unjust deeds. And all brought about because of some supposed ignorant fool.

  2. Congratulations on a new computer. I love my new one I bought when my Windows 8.1 became obsolete. My dad was a big fan of Columbo. I liked it but wasn’t much TV after I hit puberty.

  3. Columbo has seen a huge spike in popularity, being discovered my daughter’s age group (the very tail end of the “millennial” group). Episodes were being streams for free on some service I’d never heard of before, but only a few at a time, and they would often get pulled before people had a chance to view them all, leading to much frustration.

    So when my younger daughter spotted the entire series on DVD – and on sale! – she snapped it up. She’s been slowly working her way through the entire series ever since, with her sister joining her as she has the time. Once they’re done with the first box of discs, I plan to “steal” is and start watching it from the beginning, on my computer. 😁 There aren’t a lot of episodes I remember watching in my childhood, but I sure enjoyed them!

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