Get Your Kids Out While You Can

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Oh yes they are! Ask any “educator.”

The Chico school district, in California, came up with a “transgender” policy that’s radically different from those of other school districts.Chico requires teachers to notify parents (gasp!) of children who show an interest in “changing their gender.”

So naturally the State of California is suing them ( for “outing” these students…to their parents. “Privacy issues,” don’tcha know.

Well, this has been cooking all year and it’s finally come out of the oven as a lawsuit. They want to force Chico schools to conceal children’s sexual confusion from their parents–as if the parents weren’t parents at all, but merely low-ranking stand-ins for unionized “teachers.” As if the parents had no rights, no rights at all, in their own children.

Question: why do we tolerate this? Were we always so worthy of contempt and disrespect?

They’re going to keep on doing these things to us for as long as we keep our children in the public schools.

Steal our freedom? Steal our families first–and everything else will follow.

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  1. When did the pagans take over America? Probably began gaining ground in the 1960’s, but the invention of the Internet and cell phones has put them in the driver’s seat. As has been said, a lie goes around the world before truth gets out of bed. I am of the persuasion the tortoise will beat the hare in the end.

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