‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex With the Earth”‘ (2017)

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“I spend tens of thousands of dollars to send my child to this lackwit factory because _______.”

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

What can you say about having certifiable wack-jobs “educate” your children? In what way, shape, or form is any of this “higher” education? Or any kind of education at all? Oh, God, the money that is wasted! The labor!

How much longer is our country going to last?

9 comments on “‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex With the Earth”‘ (2017)

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that today’s public school teachers hate children.
    And I suspect that this hatred starts with hating themselves. Self-respecting people don’t go around talking — or shouting or tiktokking or youtubing or instagraming — about how wonderful they are.

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