They Hired a Drag Queen Principal…?

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I am at a loss to think of how to illustrate this post. How about a picture of a possum playing possum? How many degenerate school board members would you trade for a single possum?

[Note: This is not a satire, although it should be.]

So… John Glenn Elementary School, in Oklahoma–not California: Oklahoma–needed a new principal. So of course they went out and hired a guy who moonlights as a drag queen ( That would be the Western Heights school board that made that decision.

Which the state superintendent of schools called “complete insanity” and called for the principal’s instant termination.

There’s also “a huge backlash” among an outraged public, according to The Daily Mail.

“By day he’s molding young minds…” reads an advertisement where The Principal Of The Freakin’ Elementary School moonlights as a drag queen. Are you happy to hear he’s molding young minds?

Supposedly he has great credentials. As what? Honk if you care about his credentials.

Where is this **** going to stop?

5 comments on “They Hired a Drag Queen Principal…?

  1. Well, at least there’s still some backlash about these things (says Pollyanna), not that the backlash seems to have accomplished anything (says Gloomy Gert).

  2. How pitiful. We have to suit up and push back with every ounce of strength. I think of my growing great grandchildren and shiver to think of garbage like this.

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