The Return of Joe Collidge

Light Bulb Idea Man, Austin, Texas

I was “not” reely Mising lasst weak!!!

I has joyned “a” Seecret Colt!!”!!!

This is jist “so” Grate!!!! We has a Stachoo, it “is maid” from Tyres, “of” Pressadint O’bamma with a Lite Bolb “for his” Head and aslo a lott Of Budd Lite cans!!! Yiu has to drinck Budd Lite and kisss The Stachoo’s feeet!! Then “they lett” yiu in!!!

The reezin I diddn Shoe Up “lasst weak” “it was” becawze the Colt is Seacret!!!!!!!! So “we” Are “not” aloud to Tawk abuout It!!!! And we has a Secrit Misshin>> hellp putt Awl Repubbackins in Jale so thay Cannt Voat ennymore and let Awl themb crimmanules Out “so” thay Can!!!!!!

It is So Coool! bein In “a” Secrit Colt that themb Ordrinary Dum Peeple thay doughnt Know “abuout”!” I amb goingto Sujjest we gets spatial T-sherts “so” awl the Commin Peple thay “whil Be” Jellice wen thay “sea” us!!!!!

Sumbday Our Colt it wil Be “big And” powerfull enuouhgh To “Taik Over” and then Evry-boddy hoo izznt In “it”, thay whil Has To “be” our Sirvints!!!!!!!!!! Then “we” willl has Demmockricy!!!!!!

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